Rescue your memories from the cloud

into photo books you love

We pair you with a Designer who will custom create your book for you

This saves you tons of time


So, what is Memory My Way?


This is for families. Our memberships are for families who believe "scrolling through memories" just isn't awesome. Families who look for ways to get off the screens and connect and love to make memories in the process.

This is what we do. We focus on getting photo books done & help you put a plan in place to keep up with them every year (because you're not going to stop taking photos, am I right?). 

This is how we help. We pair you with a Designer, who will save you time when they custom create your books for you.

This is what we promise. We promise that a membership with us will help you rescue your memories from the cloud into beautiful photo books - every year!

We print a high end book.

Hard cover, linen wrapped, lay-flat, and beautifully designed.

A stack of these beauties on your shelf are a stylish way to enjoy your memories.


I was sure there was a better way...

A better way, that is, to rescue our memories from the cloud and keep up with photo books year after year. When I couldn't find what I was looking for, I created it myself. Along the way, I became a Certified Photo Organizer and developed systems and plans to get this done year after year.

Now, I help other families get the same results.

I didn't like the idea that my memories were lost and forgotten to the cloud never to be enjoyed; our stories never retold. I also didn't like trying to find our best adventures on our devices. I felt like I was missing out on a prime opportunity to connect with my family.

I think it's important that we gather together around photo books to relive our best adventures, instead of another screen.

This is why I created Memory My Way and why I believe you'll love it too!

Nichole Healy, Founder

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