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Memory My Way x Lissa Anglin: Our First Official Design Collab!

When visualizing the future of Memory My Way, I always dreamt about collaborating with artists I admired. Artists, who understand and appreciate that our memories can (and should!) be elevated to works of art and that their presence in our homes brings opportunity for more family connection. Artists, who are parents too.

I'm excited to announce that day has finally come! I'm honored to introduce Lissa Anglin, "Artist mama finding beauty in the chaos of the carpool lane."

If you don't know Lissa, I encourage you to follow her on Instagram and follow her blog, Part of Me - so much goodness there for you to digest: design, art, parenthood, product recommendations that do not disappoint for you and the family!

What you'll love most about Lissa's designs for Memory My Way is the joy and fun that pops from the page! You'll love the color and the whimsy that reminds you of the playful nature of those first moments with your children. Her designs encourage the importance of play and finding delight in the small moments. They also suggest that we play in our new roles as parents so that we can discover fresh footing. And isn't that a fabulous way to look at new parenthood? Just have fun and play.  

(To best view the below book on mobile flip your photo horizontally)

Here's what Lissa had to say about our collaboration:

Why did you want to collaborate on a baby / adoption book?
I am a practical idealist- meaning, I knew this was a product I needed (and likely many other parents needed), but also- I wasn’t willing to just throw some photos into a boring basic book. I wanted something special for my girls, but I hadn’t had the time to make them books. This was the perfect opportunity to create something beautiful and fun for my girls that hopefully others will love as well. Plus, I’ve wanted to work with Nichole for a while!
What was your favorite part or design from the collection?
I love the “About Your Name” page. Names and their meanings are a huge deal in our family, and I love that the meanings and intentions behind their names will be documented for my kids. 
What did you enjoy most during your creative process?
Playing around with the colors and individual design elements- seeing how they could work together or stand on their own. It was neat to use them all in different ways throughout.
What do you hope families get from their baby/adoption book?
I hope families feel how significant and beautiful life is when they hold these books in their hands. Sounds heavy, but that’s really why we do this - to celebrate a person we love very much. I want these books to be something they treasure as parents and as the people the books are all about!
When the kids come along, your camera roll gets busy. Memory My Way helps families rescue those memories from the cloud into beautiful photo books. Our Baby & Adoption Books mark the beginning of your family's journey and foster true connection for years to come - off the screens.
Our Baby Books feature designs by Lissa Anglin and are custom created for you by a Designer. We help you collect the stories that matter, choose your best photos, and then we spend the time to put it all together for you - making this the baby book, you'll actually get done! Learn more.

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