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Parent Ponderings: The Silence Conundrum

parent ponderings May 09, 2021

You’re a mom so silence is a currency of which you are in short supply.

Your name (some version of Mom, Mama, or Mommy) is called sixteen billion times in a day.

That number seems random, but it’s not.

Silence would be, like, in one word - amazing. 

You would think then that when the silence falls you would take advantage, read a magazine, perhaps drink your coffee while it's hot.

Instead, you engage a hyper awareness - an instinct bestowed upon you the day your kids were born. 

That silence means something bad is about to happen.

Investigation ensues. Resulting in 2 scenarios.

Scenario 1: Your kids are eating toothpaste from the tube (or something equally bad for them).

Scenario 2: Your kids are doing something angelic (like looking at family photo books).

Either way the silence is gone because you either have to rescue them from themselves or you’ve now been spotted and your name has now been called sixteen billion (and one) times.

And it's only 10:00am. And your coffee is now cold.

This version of Parent Ponderings is by Nichole Healy who (true story) "caught" her kids sweetly perusing the pages of their photo book, but lost her moment of silence in the process. Nichole is the founder of Memory My Way where the modern family gets the help they need to rescue their memories from the cloud. Memory My Way pairs members with a Designer who custom creates their photo books for them - saving tons of precious time (maybe to enjoy some silence?). To learn more, go here.


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