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Parent to Parent: July 4th Edition 2021

parent to parent Jul 01, 2021

This week's list is the July 4th Edit. Not an ad, just things we are loving in real life, from one parent to another. 


Bunch O BalloonsFourth of July calls for water balloons fights. That's just a no brainer.  Bunch O Balloons make this super fun because you don't have to spend your time tying tiny knots. You fill and they drop into a bucket already tied. It's brilliant. The only downside of water balloon fights: having to pick up the broken balloon pieces in the yard. That's not great fun, but we love our Mother Earth and don't litter - am I right?


Crime Junkie. A guilty pleasure of mine? True crime. And my favorite true crime podcast? Crime Junkie! Crime Junkie is based in Indianapolis where I grew up and recommended to me by a childhood friend! You will love Ashley and Brit. I feel like they are my besties who like to kick it while talking justice, mystery, and crime education. Full body chills, indeed. If you have some driving to do on July 4th weekend and want to give Crime Junkie a listen, I recommend you bring your headphones. This one is definitely for adult ears only.


Not gonna lie. I love me some sparklers. Always have, always will. Let's keep sparkler safety in mind though, shall we? You know, so when we let our kids run around with sticks of fire on this fun day, it's always a good memory. (see this week's Parent Ponderings). Here is a list of Sparkler Safety Tips from the American Pyrotechnics Association. Just some good reminders as we enter this fun weekend!


Holes. One of my 4th grader's summer reading books this year is Holes by Louis Sachar. I love this book. In fact, I have a love for young adult fiction and even had this one on my own shelf, so no trip to library for this one! After he finished reading the entire book, we watched the movie. Fantastic movie too! You wouldn't believe the actors in this movie: Henry Winkler, Jon Voight, Sigourney Weaver, Patricia Arquette, Eartha Kitt, and Shia LeBeouf. My kids loved it and I would recommend for ages 8+. This would be a good one to settle in and watch after a long day of outdoor fun with the family. Oh, and bonus it's on Disney+


This version of Parent to Parent is by Nichole Healy who loves a "listicle" featuring real life recommendations, so she created her own just for parents. Nichole is the founder of Memory My Way where the modern family gets the help they need to rescue their memories from the cloud. Memory My Way pairs members with a Designer who custom creates their family photo books for them - saving tons of precious time. To learn more, go here.


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