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The 3 Obstacles to Photo Books On Your Shelf (every year)

So, what's stopping you, huh? You've done the work and played the roll of Parent Paparazzi. All the days have been adequately documented and you know you've snapped tons of great moments.  Your camera roll is bursting with amazing moments. But, you're stuck. Your memories are lost to the cloud or your devices, so what's stopping you from actually doing something with all those memories? I mean, you know the best thing you can do with them is make photo books for your family, but it never gets done. 

Listen, you're not alone. There are actually 3 major reasons why you don't get them done.  3 obstacles to photo book bliss. 

1. Your photos are unorganized.

This is a big one and a lot of you are in this mess. If your photos (and videos for that matter) are unorganized, it usually means they live in several different locations. You may have them on several computers, hard drives, clouds, or in other random locations. You also may have your spouse's or partner's photos to merge with yours, which just invites duplicates and thousands more files to sift through. If you want to create photo books, it's difficult to make that happen if the photos you want to curate for that book are cluttered.  It leaves you feeling like you're missing something and it causes a few unwanted feelings: like, anxiety and overwhelm.  The first step is always to get organized first so you can "see" the photo book projects you want to create. You also will feel certain you are curating your books from the entire collection of photos, instead of feeling like you are missing some important memories.

This is precisely why I teach organizing as the core content inside of my memberships. It is key to getting your plan in place so that you can get this important work done year after year. The nice thing is that once you are organized, it's only a simple matter of maintenance after that. Once you know how to actually organize, that maintenance (done just once a year) is super easy.

2. You don't have the time.

Oh, time, time, time. Yes, it's in super short supply, especially as a parent, am I right? And do you know what takes a whole lot of time? Yep, you guessed it: designing photo books! In fact, did you know that 80% of photo book projects that are started are actually abandoned? That is because it is time consuming and cumbersome to try and navigate the different applications to get your photo book just the way you like it. 

Now, I say to you: What if someone designed it for you?  And not just someone, but a Professional Designer? Someone who has an eye for design and knows how to design a spread like Madonna knows how to Vogue. I mean, it's their jam and basically their life's calling to make beautiful things. And the result of this? Beautifully designed photo books without you spending your precious hours to make it happen.

3. You didn't have this in your budget.

So, you like those hard cover, linen wrapped, lay flat, impeccably printed photo books with the fancy custom covers? You know, the ones that look AAAAMAZING and drool-worthy on your shelf? You know, super stylish - like you walked into a Restoration Hardware catalog? That's meaningful home decor and it's all the rage. I love those photo books too! But, you know books like that, well, they cost a pretty penny. High end customization usually does. And, well, frankly when it comes time to print those babies, it's just not in your budget. You look at that price tag, and you're like, "you know what, I'll just do that later." And later never comes.

Enter a monthly plan. You divide that cost over 12 months and voila! A plan can break up the design and print fees over several months making it much more manageable. Now you don't have to think about that huge cash outlay at the end of every year or at the end of every event you want to document. You've already handled that. You simply pick your best photos, order you book, and enjoy!

There you have it - the Big 3 Obstacles to getting photo books on your shelf year after year. Thankfully, I have a few solutions built right into the heart of Memory My Way. Organize if you need to. Save Time because it's always nice to have more. Pick the plan to help with the cost. With a little help you'll have those memories beautifully displayed on your shelf in no time.


Nichole Healy is the Founder of Memory My Way where families get the help they need to rescue their memories from the cloud. Memory My Way pairs members with a professional Designer who custom creates their family photo books for them - saving tons of precious time. To learn more about how Memory My Way can help you, go here.


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