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The Memory Hub: The What & The Why

The most important item you will need to actually organize your photos might surprise you. I know it surprised me when I started learning exactly how to accomplish the task of organizing my photos. That item is: a 2 TB external hard drive. This hard drive will become, what I like to call, your Memory Hub and eventually, after everything is organized, your Archive (which is your ENTIRE photo and video collection) will live here as well. 

In order to truly have complete control over the sheer volume of photos and videos you have right now, a Memory Hub is essential. Then this drive is backed up to a cloud service. Once this is done, you are now following best practices for backing up your photos and videos - the right way. 

I know what you’re thinking, because many people ask me the same thing: WHY??!!  Why would I do this when the cloud is obviously the way to go?  Isn’t this just more to manage?

The quick answers are: No and No.

The Memory Hub is the key to actually keeping you organized, AND will save you tons of  time in the future.  Here is why:

  • Your Memory Hub is owned by you. You do not own the cloud storage solution you choose.  You are just paying to rent storage space and to back up that space on several different servers.  But you do not own it.  Companies go out of business, change policies, or may not serve you well anymore.  When you have your photos and videos organized on something you OWN, then it is easy for you move it or access it at any time.
  • Your Memory Hub is always accessible. Speaking of access. In order to access your photos and videos in the cloud, you will need an internet connection and you will need that cloud provider’s servers to work properly.  Sometimes, your internet may be down or your cloud provider may be performing updates or their servers may simply be down.  If you have a Memory Hub, then you have an alternate way to access your photos at all times. 
  • Your Memory Hub is a centralized location. All kinds of things happen in a year.  You may decide to digitize old photos or perhaps you get some family portraits done.  Where do you put all these new files? In the past, they probably stayed on a flash drive or were saved to your work computer.  Or they end up somewhere you can’t remember and you worry they are lost forever (until, by some miracle, you stumble across them on a lost drive).  Now, with your Memory Hub, you won’t have to think twice. You know exactly where they go and you know exactly where to find them in the future. No worry. No stress. All is organized and because you synced your hub with the cloud, they are automatically backed up.   

You still must back up to a cloud solution and here is why:

  • Back Up (obviously). External hard drives are known to fail and this is the magic of the cloud. If you do have a failure, you can simply download a copy from your cloud provider and replace your library on a new drive.
  • Sync across devices. A cloud provider can sync your photos across devices and you can access on your laptop, tablet, or phone.
  • Search tools.  A cloud provider also will allow you to search your photos in ways you cannot with a hard drive.  You can search by location, people (face recognition), and even by specific items in the picture.
  • Viewing tools. A cloud provider will display your photos in better ways than a hard drive. This is useful when you are wanting to curate your photos for photo books or for other purposes.
  • Sharing tools.  A cloud provider makes it easier to share photos with others, making it a breeze to text or share a link to photos or videos. 

Having a Memory Hub backed up by a cloud provider ensures you are always organized and in control of your memories. Plus, your photos are never lost and always safe. This is what I teach at Memory My Way and is a big part of the plan baked into the heart of the entire membership. Once you learn how to implement the Memory Hub, it’s easier to get your memories into photo books every year. 

Nichole Healy is the Founder of Memory My Way where families get the help they need to rescue their memories from the cloud. Memory My Way pairs members with a professional Designer who custom creates their family photo books for them - saving tons of precious time. To learn more about how Memory My Way can help you, go here.


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