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The Memory My Way Cloud Solution

Of course, it will do all the things a normal cloud provider does like back up your photos and videos so they are safe and secure, but it doesn’t stop there. We think there is a better way to do cloud storage and we think it should and could do more for you. 

We will bridge the gap between essential digital security and the physical photo products families desire. 

Parents do not need another photo book app to navigate separate from where their memories are stored.

What they NEED is a solution that in one single place backs up their memories AND gives them the life they deserve.

They need a solution that will do 3 important things:



Eliminate the need to remove your photos from the cloud and get them into quality products you love. This will make it easier & quicker for you.


Because we focus on physical photo products, our tech will be super effective at actually getting this done.


This is not another photo books app, so we design your book for you! By removing the design process from your plate, you save tons of time.