Thank you!

These two little words, don't really express my immense gratitude for your support!

Thank you to all of you amazing humans who supported my crowdfunding campaign!

Because of you, we are so much closer to building new tech that will actually help families rescue their memories from the cloud!

Watch this thank you message. Your support means more than you know!



(in alphabetical order)


Baily Abercrombie

Liz Barhydt

Stacy Bernstein

John & Holly Borrow

Andrew & Meghann Brackett

Karen Cahn

Haley Cantrell

Shannon Carmack

Stephanie Cartin

Kanika Chadda Gupta

Diamelia Christie

Julie Church

The Clifton Family

David & Tina Collier

Dayna DeStefano

Suzanne Dow

Jennifer Elmer

Dale & Prissy Elrod

Ryan & Gina Elrod

Glenn & Lisa Elrod

Annie Evans

The Flanders Family

Rebekah Gailer

Amanda Garner

Jessica Gershman

Phillip & Kristen Gibson

Eileen Grimes

Melissa Hatchett

Fran Hauser

Lisa Haynie

Timothy Healy

Jennifer Hill

Tricia Hise

Ellen Hockley

Sara Jacobs

Kristina Kirkenaer-Hart

Jenny Kovach

Joanne Krickovic

Tony LaRosa

Grace Lopez

Krista Loretto

LeAnn Luedeker

Lauren Maat

Amy Manshack

Eric & Jeyssa Mast

Bethany McCall

Keith & Daniele McFee

Megan McGowan

Bobbi Mullins

Cathi Nelson

Grace Nickell

Kimberly Orwig

Seema Patel

Ashlee Posner

Elizabeth Pritchett

Courtney Scott

Brooke Shapiro

Mara Smith

Jennifer Tench

Brent & Mary Ann Waymire

Jessica Weaver

Annie White

Lindsey Williams

Cory & Brienne Williams

Lindsey Witmer Collins

Melissa Wood