Terms and Policies

Effective date: November 1, 2020

All text and images copyright Memory My Way, LLC (“MMW”).  All content cannot be redistributed or shared without written permission.  Contact [email protected] for permission.


Member Use:

All Memory My Way course materials, including all associated text, video, and images (the “Course”), is owned and copyright by Memory My Way, LLC (“MMW”).  By purchasing this Course, member expressly agrees: (i) that Course content is solely for member’s personal use, and (ii) to not share or redistribute Course content without Memory My Way’s advance written permission.



Membership payment is recurring and based on the number of books Member would like to print in a given year.  The year begins the date Member joins and ends one year after this date.


Upgrades/Downgrades for Membership:

Member can upgrade at ANYTIME. Please email [email protected] to upgrade.

Member can downgrade at ANYTIME as long as the Member has not yet printed more than one book. If the Member has printed more than one book a fee may apply. Please email [email protected] to downgrade.

More questions? Please email [email protected]


Upgrades for Photo Books:

Member can upgrade photo book printing and design. This can be addressed during the design process and is based on the photo book project. Upgrades are completely optional. For more information on book upgrades and pricing go here.

More questions? Please email [email protected]



Member can cancel ANYTIME prior to printing a book.  After a book is printed and before the end of the 12 month period, if the Member wishes to cancel, a fee may apply

Because the cost of Member’s photo book and designer fees are wrapped up in the low monthly fee, a cancellation fee may apply if the Member prints a book AND wants to cancel prior to 12 months. In this case, a fee may apply to cover the cost of the printing and the designer’s time. A chart of fees is provided below. Remember, this ONLY applies if a book is printed, otherwise the Member can cancel at a moment’s notice.



Since the the Member will be approving photo books before printing. Memory My Way will only accept returns on photo books when the book is NOT printed exactly as approved OR in the unlikely event the book was damaged in shipping.  Return requests can be sent to [email protected].  Please include the words RETURN REQUEST, your last name, and the title of your book in the subject and detail the issue.  Memory My Way will work with you to fix any print issues, including a full replacement if necessary.


Limitation on Liability; Assumption of Risk:

Memory My Way is not responsible for any cost, expense, loss or other liability, which directly or indirectly arises from Member’s use of and reliance on Course material.  

The Member assumes all risk of photo or video data loss and all other loss resulting from any aspect of Member’s use of and reliance on Course material. 


Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us:

  • By email: [email protected]
  • By phone number: 317-534-7554
  • By mail:74 Rickman Street, #161 Clayton, GA 30525